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Rise 25

Do the Right Thing 
Angelica Green

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Help 25 Rise

What I Stand for

My values are rooted in family, community, and integrity. I believe that community is not just a group of individuals living in an area but an extension of family. Family works together to create an enriched and thriving environment. Everyone has a meaningful role to ensure that each of its members is safe, that their needs are met, and that the best quality of life is provided. I’m intentional in my role as a community leader to help create a safe and thriving environment for the community that I love and regard as family.

What I've Done 


Organizing block club members and focus groups, conducting meetings to discuss concerns and plans. Addressing concerns from the community to the Alderperson and CPD. Attended community police class, organized safe and peaceful events. Received resources for youth and seniors. Worked with alderperson to increase our quality of life and safety with environmental upgrades such as lighting vacant buildings and cars, demanding heavier police presents in areas of need and drug trafficking locations, becoming an ambassador for neighborhood policing initiative, working with community groups( ACT, good neighbor etc. Requesting transparency and action plan after a crime and solution on how to decrease crimes in our community. Founder of a non for profit proactive youth connection cafe) program to ensure resources and programs at early ages. 

What I Aim to Do

 I see it as a personal responsibility to assist in ensuring the safety and well being of my community. I intend to set a precedent of hard work, accountability, and collaboration. I hope to organize, prioritize, and build trust. I intend to facilitate forums with community members and leaders from each area of the district as a platform to provide their input. Assessing previous restorative justice tactics, adopting effective methods; keeping the community involved and informed with decision making. 


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